Ulla Klinge awarded the PhD degree

Partner at Inspicos Ulla Klinge earns the PhD degree in law

We are exceptionally proud to announce that Partner, European Patent Attorney, MsC (chem.) Ulla Klinge has been awarded the PhD degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Ulla’s thesis bears the title “Is the SPC regulation (still) fit for purpose? – SPC eligibility of modern pharmaceuticals”.

The aim of the thesis has been to analyse and evaluate whether the SPC system fits with modern pharmaceutical innovation, in particular biotechnological innovation and secondary innovation.

Ulla concludes that unclarities remain in the interpretation of the SPC regulation with regard to central provisions. Further, Ulla’s analyses show that it has not been possible to identify clear criteria for determining the scope of protection of an SPC for biotechnological products.

It is expressed in the thesis that case-law on SPCs  has resulted in a low level of incentive to protect both early stage basic research and late stage research into secondary innovation. It is suggested to evaluate whether the correct balance has been struck or whether there is a need to amend the SPC regulation.

As part of her PhD studies, Ulla has taught law students at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen and completed a research stay at the Max Planck Institute for innovation and Competition in Munich.

Ullas has more than 30 years of experience in the IP profession. She is one of Denmark’s most respected patent attorneys in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. She is frequently called upon as a party witness and Court-appointed expert in patent infringement lawsuits, and she serves as an expert judge at the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court.

We warmly congratulate Ulla on the achievement of the PhD degree!