Tanja Kumke Christensen

Tanja Kumke Christensen


T  +45 / 4516 6142



My background and fields of specialization

Administration and coordination of patent cases
As a patent administrator I am responsible for a variety of coordinating and administrative tasks in relation to patent cases in close collaboration with our patent attorneys. I correspond with Patent Office and associates across the globe and monitor and handle deadlines in our client’s patent portfolios. Furthermore, I am part of a small team who manage the ongoing developments in our external communication with clients and authorities.

Fields of specialization and educational background
I have a Masters degree from Aalborg University (Culture, Communication and Globalization) and a Bachelors degree from Copenhagen Business School (French and English Business Languages). In addition, I am currently participating in a course to become a Qualified IP Administrator.

Before coming to Inspicos in 2020, I worked for 5 years with a large IP law firm and 3 years in the industry with a biotech company, as patent administrator.

On a personal note

I spend my spare time with my husband and our three children. Sports activities and house projects take up  a lot of our time, and on top of that we often have a house full of extra kids on playdates, so we are never bored. Whenever I find a small break, I love to relax with a good book.