Jan Simonsen

Jan Simonsen

Partner, European Patent Attorney
MSc Physics

T  +45 / 4516 6170
M  +45 / 5122 3047

My background and fields of specialization

Patent consultancy
I give advise on all aspects of patenting to a wide variety of both Danish, Nordic and European companies. I work for a number of startups and smaller companies, who need advice also outside of the patent world.

Focus areas and educational background
Originally, I’m a trained atomics physicist, but today I work with both electronics, audio, data processing, antennas, robots, biomechanics as well as optical and electromagnetic sensing systems.

Naturally, I an a European Patent Attorney. In addition to that, I have the training required to prosecute patent infringement cases for the Unified Patent Court when it becomes operable.

I focus on the generation of patent rights but I’m also often used in the more general strategy process. I work passionately to secure the companies’ knowledge and assets, as in that I way can help them grow and succeed.

I have studied the work of Boards of Directors at a.o. INSEAD, and also in my spare time, I’m interested in how to best support companies in the startup phase and the growth phase but also after that.

I’m quite interested in the situation around patenting in China. I follow this closely and I’m regularly in China to get updated. In an extension thereof, I also teach patenting not only in China but also in Denmark and in other countries.

Technical fields of specialization
I’m enthusiastic about all technology. I primarily work with electronics, software, robots, measuring methods, communication, hardware and biomechanics.

A part from being a patent attorney at Inspicos, I have worked as a patent manager in an international electronics company. I have also given advice to several international industrial companies as to how to set up internal patent departments.

One of my strong sides is to ”think out of the box”. I quickly understand technology and am able to combine this in new ways. In that way, we get a broader discussion of the technology, fx when we work to protect it.

You’ll find my CV on LinkedIn.

Other people say

Others say about me that I’m sharp and think out of the box and across technologies and solutions.

I’m solution-oriented and see myself as a problem solver. ”you can set your watch by Jan

Recent projects

Lately, I have assisted a number of Nordic startups in  increasing their patent portfolios as a preparation for their next investor round.

In addition, I have been working for a larger Danish company to provide freedom to market a future product in Denmark.

On a personal note

When I’m not at my desk, I like to exercise and read about management of companies and startups. Naturally, there is  also room for friends and a good glass of wine.