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Phuong Le-Tran

IPR Systems Specialist, Patent Administrator

BSc (English studies )

My background and fields of specialization

Administration and coordination of patent cases

I am responsible for various administrative tasks in relation to the filing and prosecution of patent applications, including correspondence with foreign agents and Patent Offices.


Fields of specialization and educational background

I have a Bachelor's degree in English studies (with a minor degree in Japanese studies) from the University of Copenhagen. I am a member of the Danish Association of Intellectual Property Administrators (DAIPA), and I am currently studying to become a qualified patent administrator.



I have been working within the IP field since 2011 in different areas and roles, including patent renewal assistant, docketing team manager and case management system and process specialist. I joined Inspicos in 2023 as an IPR systems specialist and patent administrator, merging my systems knowledge with an exciting new path within patent administration.


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At eye level

I love to travel with my family to sunny coastal destinations, as well as recharge with yoga, meditation or a good audio book.