Our Values

We have built Inspicos on a set of values that reflect how we approach IPR and how we work together as colleagues. These values were no more than ambitions to begin with, but today our values are vibrantly alive among us.

Our values – Inspiration, Commitment, Simplicity and Responsibility – are well defined. Indeed these terms reflect who we are and how we work, both internally and externally.

We do not take things for granted. We think creatively and we often challenge clients and authorities.

We do not practice routine work, but continuously rethink processes to achieve successes on our clients’ behalf. We debate with one another as much as we can, so that we can inspire each other and develop our competencies.

We are known for our extraordinary dedication and commitment. Our enthusiasm, fighting spirit and persistence is unmatched. We are fully aware that it is decisive to deliver when urgent answers are needed, so we are always within reach.

It is important to us that our cooperation with clients is transparent. We therefore keep our clients fully informed of our procedures and the team involved in each matter at all times. Clients can be reassured that the attorney they meet and gain confidence in is also the one who follows things through. Through experience we know that openness fosters security.

Simplicity is about conveying complex analyses comprehensibly and factually, in a manner that makes sense to the recipient under any given circumstance. We therefore strive to always communicate in a clear, concise and targeted manner.

To us, responsibility means three things: being responsible towards clients and their innovation; being responsible towards one’s colleagues; and being socially responsible.et væsentlige ansvar, vi har over for samfundet.

As a client, you can rest reassured that we have well-functioning procedures and systems in place, and that we never represent conflicting interests. As member of the Inspicos staff one must feel respected and valued. As patent attorneys, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to technological innovation and continued development of the modern knowledge-based society.