Foundation of Competence

European Patent Attorneys and more
All of our professionals have a scientific background in physics, biochemistry, human biology, engineering or the like. The vast majority of them have additionally qualified as European Patent Attorneys (EPAs). Our administrators have degrees in languages, and many are Qualified IP Administrators (QIPAs).

Integrity and personality
For many years, Inspicos has been acknowledged as a leading patent consultancy firm. We have built an organization based on qualification, integrity and personality, and we never compromise on expertise or assiduity. That is why our success rate is high. And that is why we are frequently picked as first-choice advisors for the most challenging and complex patent cases in Denmark and abroad.

Our staff is not merely highly educated – they are passionate people who take pride in using their expertise to give clear and comprehensible advice to our clients.

In our firm, competence and personality go hand-in-hand – and this is the very core of Inspicos.