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Anne Rath Skov-Kjær

Patent Consultant

PhD Materials Chemistry, MSc Nanoscience

My background and fields of specialization

Patent consultancy

I work with securing intellectual property rights (IPR) for Danish as well as international companies and universities. I prepare and prosecute patent applications within my field of expertise, make novelty searches and freedom to operate (OPT) investigations.

Focus areas and educational background
I am well into my training towards becoming a European Patent Attorney. I hold an MSc in Nanoscience and a PhD in Materials Chemistry, both from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

 Technical fields of specialization
I work in the fields of surface science, materials chemistry, polymer science, natural resources, environmental chemistry, chemical engineering and nanotechnology.


During my PhD I worked with interactions between a range of surfaces (organic and inorganic) and ions/molecules in aqueous solution. My research has contributed to both new designs of molecular composite materials as well as to Enhanced Oil Recovery.

My CV in full can be found on LinkedIn.

Recent projects

My latest project included advising a client during the preparation of a patent application, work which ensured our client the best possible starting point for a strong protection of their developed product.


“My clients can count on my sincere commitment, my dedication and thoroughness when we work to ensure the best possible IPR protection for their innovation. At Inspicos, we work with Commitment and Responsibility as two of our core values. ”

At eye level

On a personal note

In my spare time you can find me out in nature with my family and friends looking at wildlife.