Kathryn Walker

Patent Consultant

PhD (Robotics and autonomous systems)

My background and fields of specialization

Patent consultancy

As a patent consultant, I work with patent protection for Danish and international companies and universities by drafting patent descriptions and claims within my technical areas of work, conducting novelty investigations and managing patent applications.

Focus areas and educational background

Prior to starting at Inspicos, I completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, a PhD in Robotics and Automation and a 2 year long PostDoc in Robotics – which is what originally brought me to Denmark!

Technical fields of specialization

Robotics, AI, Mechanics, Manufacturing processes, Machine Learning, Medical Engineering, Automation.


I am just beginning my career as a Patent Attorney. Previously I have been in academia researching the interaction between robot morphology and control.  

At eye level

When I’m not at work, or trying to learn Danish, I am always making something; baking, crochet/knitting and painting are all passions of my mine. 

Others about Kathryn Walker

I would like to think that other people find me friendly, approachable and easy to work with to create the best possible outcome.