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Peter Koefoed

Partner, European Patent Attorney

Representative before the UPC

MSc (Human Biology)

My background and fields of specialization

Patent consultancy
I assist enterprises in Denmark and abroad with all aspects of their patent related activities. My typical client an enterprise, which has a need for optimizing its business by securing patents for their inventions but which likewise have a need for limitation of 3rd party patent rights. I provide advice in a complicated landscape of 3rd party patent rights by defining patent strategy and freedom to operate. I have further acquired the necessary qualifications for representing clients before the EU Patent Court when it will become operational.

Focus areas and educational background
My background in human biology means that I primarily work with all aspects of medical biotechnology, but with a particular focus on immunology, including vaccine technology and diagnostic tools and methods. I have a special devotion for work with the interfaces between information technology and various aspects of medical technology.

Technical fields of specialization
I work within technological areas that include pharmaceuticals, with a special focus on macromolecular, immunological, and microbial pharmaceuticals; diagnostics; industrial biotechnology; environmental technology; protein chemistry; recombinant gene technology; and medical information technology.

More than 30 years of experience as patent counsel has given me insight in all areas  of patent related tasks and services, ranging from basic drafting and prosecution of patent application, over the tasks of defending and revoking/limiting patents in opposition and appeal cases, to participation in Danish court proceedings as assistant counsel for Denmark’s leading IPR litigation experts. In addition I have acted as court appointed technical expert, as an expert witness, and on several occasions I have been appointed as technical qualified judge in Norwegian court cases. Since 2011 I have represented Denmark as elected member of The Council of the European Patent Institute (EPI), which has the general responsibility for formulating and enforcing the rules relating to the professional standards required by European Patent Attorneys. At the same time, the EPI Council collaborates on behalf of European Patent Attorneys with the European Patent Organization. In the EPI, I have recently been involved in work relating to the EPO’s online communication systems. Previously I served on the Board in ADIPA, the Danish Association of Intellectual Property Attorneys.

At eye level

I am strongly adverse to not prevailing in a case – this is something of a paradox in light of the fact that I for many years have been an active chess player on club level meaning that I have to accept a defeat from time to time.